CBC News is upping its user-generated content game with video comments


It looks like CBC News is upping the ante when it comes to comments and user-generated content with a new platform called GoodTalk.

From what I can gather, it’s an online tool that allows readers to record and submit video comments on news stories (currently only on stories from the Manitoba site).

It’s still very new and appears to be in beta phase — in fact, as of this writing, it looks like only one story is available to comment on so far. Interestingly, any searches for GoodTalk only brings up information about “a new-style chat app” that originated in China.

From the CBC GoodTalk FAQ:

GoodTalk is an online engagement tool designed to allow media audiences to watch and create short video comments about web articles. GoodTalk is partnering with CBC News to test this tool out with stories originating from its newsroom in Manitoba. CBC Manitoba picks featured stories for GoodTalk comments and may promote them online, on TV and radio. Each featured story is open for video comment submission for 24 hours.

All approved comments appear on the GoodTalk website and some may be featured on CBC TV. They can also be shared on social media.

It’s an interesting concept, and I’ll be watching to see if it catches on. Although if you’ve ever read through the comments section of a news site, your head might be spinning at the thought of seeing some of those gems in video form. **shudders**

Check out the CBC GoodTalk website here — the FAQ is worth perusing if you want to learn more about it.

Image credit: cbc.goodtalk.org


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