What goes into making a data visualization project


The Washington Post recently published a data visualization interactive detailing more than 500 potential conflicts of interest by Donald Trump and his children, and showing all the links between them.

Unfortunately, I’m not a WaPo subscriber, so I haven’t actually been able to play around with the interactive, but StoryBench interviewed the duo behind it, reporter Joel Eastwood and graphic designer Julia Wolfe.

It’s a great peek behind the curtain at what goes into making these data visualization projects, from the reporting and data analysis to the design and development  (Hint: it’s a lot of work).

According to Eastwood:

“It was a collaborate process. The original idea was to do a graphic-related story of President Trump’s holdings. We had a number of reporters who had a number of stories focusing on similar topics. They wanted the graphic to become a summarized overview of these stories.”

The interview really gets into the nitty gritty of bringing this project to life, so if you’re interested in creating data journalism of your own, it’s a worthwhile read. You can read the full article over at StoryBench.

Image credit: PixaBay


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